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Protein Interaction Property Similarity Analysis

Changes in webPIPSA

Version history

This version history is for the parameter estimation module in sycamore (http://sycamore.h-its.org) and for the webPIPSA (http://pipsa.h-its.org) server.

Sycamore is an integrated part of a system that provides you with a faciliated access to a number of tools and methods in system biology in order to build models of biochemical systems, view, analyse and refine them, as well as perform quick simulations.

webPIPSA is a standalone server, with an additional workflow to upload and analyze structures directly.

April 2014

April 2014

February 2013

December 2010

February 2010

Spring 2009

Fall 2007/Spring 2008

Initial release within sycamore (2007) and webPIPSA (2008):

Beta release within sycamore 2006/2007